Adventure Sports Cover

We understand the importance of knowing that you’re covered for certain adventure activities you love to participate in when travelling, which is why we’ve designed our Adventure Sports optional add-on benefit back for an extra premium.


Some other travellers are content to sit on the beach or take a sightseeing tour. You’re different, you’re an adventure traveller and your holidays can include more exciting activities.


Our travel insurance policies cover certain activities at no extra cost to you (see Activities and Sports).


What’s more, for an additional premium, you can add coverage for other exciting activities like motorcycling, scuba diving, mountain biking and white water rafting so you won’t be held back on your next adventure travel tour.


Best of all, every Chubb Travel Insurance policy comes with a full range of benefits, including 24/7 emergency assistance, medical expenses overseas, lost baggage and more. Compare our plans to find the level of cover that’s best for your holiday.


The Adventure Sports Pack includes cover for the following sports:


  • diving up to forty (40) metres (subject to PADI Certification)
  • expedition bicycle touring
  • mountain biking
  • motorcycling if more than 200cc, you are wearing a helmet and hold an Australia motorcycle license
  • quad biking
  • trekking/mountain trekking up to four thousand (4,000) metres
  • white water rafting of Grade 4 and above with a qualified guide
  • 4 wheel driving adventure.

Benefits included in the Adventure Sports Pack   

Adventure Sports General Exclusion for participation in Adventure Sports is removed.
Own Adventure Sport Equipment Cover for when Your Adventure Sports Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.
Adventure Sport Equipment Hire Cover for the cost of hiring alternative Adventure Sports Equipment when Your Adventure Sports Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged or is delayed by Your Public Transportation by more than 24 hours.
Unused Adventure Sports Costs Cover in the Event You suffer an Accidental Injury or Sickness and a Doctor certifies that you are unable to use the unused pre-booked and pre-paid Adventure Sports costs we will reimburse You for the non-refundable amount.

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